Teaching Your Child to Sew – Where Should You Start?

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Lime Green Monkey is a children’s sewing site that aim to provide you with the best sewing projects that you children are sure to enjoy. We will also share tips and tricks to help you in your teaching and give your children techniques that will help them in their sewing journey. Come inside where you will learn a lot of great things including:

  • The best sewing projects to get them ready
  • How to choose a sewing machine for a child
  • A list of some of our favorite beginner sewing books
  • A list of sewing sites that are also great for kids
  • and more…

Beginner Sewing Projects For Kids

Sock monstersIn this article you will learn the best ways to get your child ready for sewing. if they are really young, you’ll learn that it is best not to start them off with a machine straight-away. There are many projects you can do that teach them what sewing is and builds up some confidence and skill, getting them ready for a machine.

If your child is a bit older then you may consider moving them to a sewing machine. If so, there are a lot of cute simple projects you can do to get them feeling comfortable with the sewing machine in no time.

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How to Choose a Sewing Machine For a Child

Janome fast laneChoosing a kids sewing machine can be very difficult for a lot of people. There is an endless amount of sewing machines to choose from and figuring out if it will work for your child is tough. Inside this article we pass along our recommendations for machines for kids of different age levels. Singer sewing machines are a good place to start, but not for young children.

We hope that this post will help you make your choice with more confidence. We also provide a list of junky machines out there that we think you should stay away from.

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Our Favorite Beginner Sewing Books

Kids sewing bookOne thing that is great to know is there are a ton of amazing books out there for kids (and beginners). You can choose from books that cover beginners projects or even ones that help your child learn how to take care of their sewing machine. There are a lot of great books that are perfect for teaching kids how to sew. This list keeps growing as we find and try out more and more books so check back for more.

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Our Favorite Sewing Sites For Kids

There are some nice sewing websites that are geared towards kids or have some great sewing tutorials that you can share with your child. With more sites popping up all the time, check back often to see any new ones we’ve added.

Click here to see our list.

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